FlexP 高電壓/流 電池堆充放電測試系統

可連接VMP3做高電壓電流測試! 可做電池堆的每個單電池檢測!

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General Details

可連接VMP3做高電壓電流測試! 可做電池堆的每個單電池檢測!

The FlexP 0160 is designed for battery stack/pack characterizations. The continuous maximum current of +/-50 A for a single unit can be extended up to +/-200 A by connecting four units in parallel.

The instrument configuration can be easily changed as needed on-site by the end-user. The instrument does not need to be sent back to the factory to be upgraded thanks to the plug and play capability of the booster modules.

The EC-Lab® will automatically and immediately detect the new configuration.

The stack mode available in EC-Lab allow the user to measure elements in series within a pack of battery/fuel cell. This is described in this application note: AN#59 – A full solution to address battery module/pack.

# 項目 數值
1 電壓範圍 +/- 60V
2 電流範圍 最大 200A
3 最小電壓解析度 20uV
4 最小電流解析度 760pA
5 交流阻抗 1MHz-10uHz
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