AWS A20 多通道石英振盪儀


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General Details

The AWS A20 system is a real-time and sensitive monitoring of surface-bound interactions, such as adsorption and desorption processes, characterization of molecular interactions, protein conformational changes, etc.

The technology in the AWS A20 is based on the acoustic wave sensing principle which enables an accurate detection of mass and structural changes on the sensor surface. The system can be coupled to a Bio-Logic potentiostat/galvanostat system to perform e-QCM measurements for the most demanding experimental requirements.

The platforms are versatile, permitting the use of different types of acoustic wave sensors, including up to 150 MHz High Fundamental Frequency Quartz Crystal Microbalance sensors (HFF-AWS), and 5 MHz to 10 MHz Quartz Crystal Microbalance sensors (QCM-AWS). The platform can also be coupled with a F20 system to manage the solution flow.

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