BTC1 電池快速測試系統

external sensors. BTC1 The Battery Test Center BTC1 is a universal battery meter.

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General Details

Batteriemessgerät BTC1


The Battery Test Center BTC1 is a universal battery meter.
It measures voltage, spectral impedance and capacity; additionally, temperature and current can be measured via


The Battery Test Center performs:

  • Standard battery tests (voltage, internal resistance, capacity)
  • Battery analysis (go/nogo results, trends, modeling)
  • Battery state determination (SoC, SoH, damages)
  • Recording of ambient conditions (temperature, current)

It can be used in:

  • Performance testing in development
  • Determination of the battery parameters (discharge behavior, impedance modeling)
  • Quality assurance in production
  • Online measurements at test stands
  • Trials and long-term testing
  • Diagnostics in service and monitoring

Main Specifications

Measurement Parameters BTC1
Voltage 0…60V
Internal resistance 1 µΩ – 1Ω
Frequency range of spectral impedance 0,1Hz…1kHz
Temperature -40°C…+80°C with RTD
Current 10mA…1000A with current clamp
Capacity 0 – 10 Ah


  • Tolerance test (target/actual performance comparison)
  • Evaluation of model parameters
  • Diagnostic function for quick evaluation of state-of-charge (SoC) and state-of-health (SoH)
  • Voltage monitoring with alarme output
  • Trigger Input

Measurement Cables

  • MK-S: Measurement cable with 2 Kelvin clamps
  • MK-U: Measurement cable with 4 crocodile clamps
  • MK-L: Measurement cable with 4 banana plugs 4mm
  • MK-K: Measurement cable with 2 M6 or M8 or M10 ring tongue terminals
  • MK-G-Mxx: Measurement cable with 2 M6 or M8 or M12 or M14 probes
  • MK-O: Measurement cable with open ends
  • MK-TA: Test rig for 18650/26650 cells



# 項目 數值
1 電壓範圍 0-60V
2 電流範圍 10mA-1000A
3 交流阻抗 0.1Hz – 1000Hz

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