Carbon Paper

0.3 mg/cm² 40% Pt on Carbon Cloth Electrode 主要用途20cmX25cm/40cmX40cm

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General Details

AvCarb Gas Diffusion Systems are fuel cell gas diffusion layers combining a carbon fiber paper substrate, a PTFE coating, and a surface microporous layer of PTFE and carbon particles. The table below lists nominal properties of commerically available AvCarb Gas Diffusion Systems, which have been engineered for optimal performance for selected fuel cell applications.




# 項目 數值
1 Material Type Carbon Fiber
2 Nominal Thickness 184 microns
3 Nominal Base Weight 79 g/m2
4 Break Strength (MPa) machine direction 18.0
5 Break Strength (MPa) cross machine direction 10.0
Stiffness (Taber) cross machine direction
7 Stiffness (Taber) cross machine direction 6.0
8 Bulk Density 0.40 g/cm3
9 Compressibility (%) 14
10 Thru-Plane Resistivity 14.5 mOhm*cm2-
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