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EC-Lab® Powerful and Comprehensive Advanced Software

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Powerful and Comprehensive Advanced Software

A comprehensive software package
EC-Lab® is an advanced software package for performing electrochemistry measurements. With more than 10 years of development and constant improvement in techniques and features, EC-Lab® software has become the benchmark in potentiostat control software.

Display mode
Two view modes are available in EC-Lab®. The setup of experiments can be done with a technique menu, or by inputting parameter values into a spreadsheet. Many experimental parameters can be modified “on the fly” during the experiment, with the changes stored into the raw data file. The appearance of the software interface is able to be adapted to create the best working environment for the user.

Experimental sequence builder
EC-Lab® software contains more than 50 techniques. These techniques can address applications in voltammetry, EIS, corrosion and energy source development. A powerful technique builder can execute a series of different modular techniques, wait and loop features to create complex experimental sequences. Even within each technique, the user can create up to 100 linkable sequences of that experiment with different parameters.

EIS measurements
EIS measurements can be made in both controlled potential and controlled current modes from 10 µHz to a remarkable 7 MHz. The patented “drift correction” algorithm and multiple stability parameters allow users to acquire the high quality data from their EIS measurements.

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