Gas Diffusion Layer

0.3 mg/cm² 40% Pt on Carbon Cloth Electrode 主要用途2cmX2cm / 5cmX5cm / 10cmX10cm / 20cmX20cm

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General Details

0.3 mg/cm² 40% Pt on Carbon Cloth Electrode

Fuel Cell Earth offers anode and cathode electrodes, Our electrodes consist of a precious metal catalyst loaded onto a Teflon treated gas diffusion backing layer. The electrode is hydrophobic to help reduce the potential flooding issue of a functioning fuel cell. We use Platinum/Carbon catalyst. Our backing layer consists of carbon paper or carbon cloth.

This loading is often used in cost sensitive Hydrogen / Air Fuel Cells or other electrochemical systems.




# 項目 數值
1 Material Type Electrode
2 Membrane Type
Carbon Cloth
Catalyst Amount
0.3 mg/cm²
4 Anode Loading 0.3 mg Pt/cm2
5 Catalyst Type 40% Pt

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