HCP-1005 超電容測試系統


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General Details

The HCP-1005 is a compact high current potentiostat / galvanostat / FRA specially designed to study secondary batteries with a high capacity.

With a voltage range of 0.6 to 5 V and a current range of ±100 A, this unit can be used to test industrial Li-ion battery modules.

The EIS capability integrated in the chassis is ideal for ageing tests.

The HCP-1005 structure is similar to the HCP-803. It is a combination of a research potentiostat and a 100 A booster built into the same chassis.

# 項目 數值
1 電壓範圍 0.6 – 5 V
2 電流範圍 +/-100 A
3 最小電壓解析度 20uV
4 最小電流解析度 760pA
5 交流阻抗 10 µHz to 10 kHz (1MHz)
6 頻道數 1
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