HTF-1100 High Temperature Furnace

High Temperature Furnace

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General Details

High Temperature Furnace

HTF-1100 is a High Temperature Furnace able to reach 1100°C.

This furnace has to be used in conjunction with a MTZ-35 impedance analyzer and a specific sample holder designed for high temperature measurements. HTF-1100 consists of a temperature control unit, an alumina heater and a slide on the front panel to insert and extract easily the sample holder from the furnace.

The temperature of HTF-1100 can be controlled manually using the front panel digital controller or through the MTZ-35 with MT-Lab software.

The furnace and the sample temperatures are measured simultaneously thanks to K-type thermocouples. The furnace temperature is adjusted according to the measured sample temperature.


Insulation material Fiber Alumina
Heating System

Super Kanthal 1350°C wire built in a cement cylinder

Temperature Range

Ambient up to 1100°C

Temperature Controller

PM6 Watlow PID controller

Temperature Sensors

Two K-Type Thermocouples (one for furnace, one for sample)

Temperature Control Accuracy

Better than +/-1°C

Temperature scan


Safety Features Emergency stop button
Buzzer sound alarm
Temperature safety limit
# 項目 數值
1 電壓範圍 +/-100 μV to +/-10 V DC + peak AC
2 頻率範圍 10 μHz to 35 MHz
3 精準度 Better than +/-1°C


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