MCS 10 多通道導電度測試系統


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The growing number of ionic liquid and liquid electrolyte studies for batteries and other electrochemical devices deserves practical and accurate liquid conductivity measurement instrumentation. Based on its expertise in impedance spectroscopy, Bio-Logic has developed the MCS 10, a unique integration of frequency response analysis and temperature control unit, enabling mutli-sampling at various temperatures.

The Conductimetry system measures ionic conductivity of liquids over a wide temperature range. The MCS 10 consists of three integrated components:

  • MCM 10: a FRA-based impedance analyzer with ten channels
  • WTSH 10: a Wide Temperature Sample Holder with ten slots
  • HTCC: High Temperature Conductivity Cells –  Platinized/Pt Parallel Plate Electrode

Reduced volume cells for HTCC need as little as 0.5 ml of liquid, reducing the cost of experiments and their environmental impact (less waste). Up to 10 HTCC can be held in the WTSH 10 Temperature Control Unit sweeping temperatures from -40 °c to +150 °C. The MCM 10 continuously scans the samples and selects the optimal frequencyfor conductivity measurement.

Suited for ionic liquid screening, the MCS 10 provides in a single experiment not only the liquid conductivity, but can also help find the liquid usability temperature range, and the phase transition liquid-solid temperature.

# 項目 數值
1 電壓範圍
2 頻率範圍
3 精準度


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