Test Cells/ Dilatometer (電池膨脹測試) 等工具

est Cells/ Dilatometer (電池膨脹測試)等工具

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General Details

A docking station (ECC-Stand)

The ECC-Stand (PN: E-ECCSTAND) docking station can accommodate up to 5 cells of the ECC series. By a simple movement of your hand, the test cell is connected to a battery tester or multi-channel potentiostat via a terminal box. A toggle switch serves to switch between two- and three-electrode operation. The ECC-Stand docking station thus allows for a permanent connection between a given tester channel and the corresponding cell position inside the stand, thereby helping to prevent the common wiring trouble and risk of failure when operating multiple cells in parallel.The ECC-Stand can be wall-mounted, placed inside a temperature chamber, or simply sit on the bench top.

  • Accommodates up to 5 cells of type ECC-Std, ECC-Ref or ECC-Aqu
  • Can either be wall-mounted or placed on the bench or inside a temperature chamber.
  • Shielded connection cables for low parasitic impedance

Operating conditions:

  • Temperature: -20 to +70 °C,
  • Humidity non-condensing
  • Each cell position is equipped with a toggle switch to change between cell voltage and electrode potential control
  • 150mm x 398mm x 160mm (height x width x depth)
  • Weight appr.: 3.8kg


High Precision Electrode Cutter (EL-CUT)

Accuracy and reproducibility of electrochemical tests depend not only on the choice of materials, but also on simple geometric / mechanical parameters. One sometimes neglected factor is the proper cutting of the electrodes. Torn and chipped electrode edges, even when not seen with the naked eye, inevitably cause current inhomogeneity and are thus likely to affect experimental results. Especially cycle life and impedance results are prone to such artefa cts. Electrodes cut by conventional punching (stamping) with only one punch force show chipped edges and are not flat. In contrast, electrodes cut (fineblanked) with the EL-CUT (PN: E-ECS18) are produced with three active forces and in tools with a few microns cutting clearance. The fineblanking process results in electrodes with clean cutting surfaces with no torn or chipped edges and being almost perfectly flat.

  • Highly precise and flat electrodes without torn andchipped electrode edges
  • 18 mm diameter standard electrode size.
  • Max. 300 microns electrode thickness
  • 140mm x 380mm 60mm (height x width x depth)
  • Weight ca. 2.8 kg


Cross hairs to reduce cutting scrap (ECC-StopRail)

Don’t waste your precious electrode material!  When attached to the cutting pliers, the crosshairs of the ECC-StopRail (PN: E-ECS-R) let you precisely target the electrode area.The ECC StopRail is an optional tool to be attached to the EL-Cut cutting pliers. The ECC-StopRail is a means to conveniently target the cutting area. It thus helps to make effective use of the electrode sheet, and to speed up the cutting process

  • Easy assambling to EL-Cut, no tools required!
  • Compatible to every size of EL-Cut
  • 140mm x 380mm x 60mm (height x width x depth)
  • Weight ca. 2.8 kg


Punching tool for Lithium foil (ECC-LiPunch)

Forget about your lithium foil getting stuck to the hollow punch! The ECC-LiPunch (PN: E-ECCLI18) is the perfect tool for smoothly punching 18 mm lithium discs for the ECC cells.

  • Highly precise and flat lithium discs
  • 18 mm diameter standard size
  • Other sizes (6 … 20mm) on request
  • 100mm x 39mm (length x diameter)
  • Weight ca. 670 g

ECC-LiPunch-400-150×150 web E-ECCLI18



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1 主要用途 電池測試
2 尺寸 請點選圖片
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