10 月 29, 2014

EC-Lab 電化學軟體 10.44 更新


EC-Lab® V10.44 (On the Web September 12, 2015)

Please fill the quick survey (less than 2 minutes) to provide us with your inputs.


  • The instruments VMP1 & MPG1, EPP-400, EPP-4000 & Bistat.are not supported by the latest version. Please use the V10.37 (archived version below).
  • For first VMP2 units with a limited board memory – until S/N 0060. Please use the V10.12 (archived version below).
  • This version is compatible with Windows 8 with Ethernet and USB communication.
  • This version is installed in two different folders due to administration authorization. the installation has to be done by the administrator. A part of the program is installed in “Program files” where only the administrator of the computer can write while the other part is installed in the “Documents” folder of the Windows session user. if several users access the computer this second part has to be duplicated in every Windows users sessions in the same “documents” folder.
  • The setup program installs the PDF files into the “./Manual” folder (“.” being the directory where the EC-Lab has been installed). Then the manual can be opened directly or with EC-Lab through the menu : “?, Manual”.


  • If the version previously installed was V8.00 or higher, you will be prompted for a fast and automatic firmware upgrade when establishing the first connection to the instrument. This firmware upgrade will be using the Ethernet connection only and thus you will not need the serial connection. If the version previously installed was V7.01 or lower, you will need to install a new firmware (included in EC-Lab full version with manuals & Tera Term Pro download) using a serial communication. See the latest VMP or VMP2 or MPG user’s manual for firmware installation.
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